After eating at 6 of the 50 worlds best restaurants on my vacation in July august had been a month with no restaurants which was about to change in September as I was showing a friend the restaurants in Copenhagen. So a week dining at Studio, 108 and Relæ was planned and what a week.


This was my first time dining at Studio so I was full of expectations as Torsten Vingaards resume is exceptional and all critics seems to leave the restaurant with a smile on their face and positive reviews to follow.


As head of the test kitchen at Noma for a number of years he is born and raised with the New Nordic Cusine. This evening it was appparant though that Torsten Vingaard despite this still enjoys the classic French and Italian kitchen with heavy use of truffels, caviar and maybe the best madelin cookies I have ever had. These two worlds met on the plate with some of the most elegant dishes I have seen as a result.


Potato chips with smoked conroe – crispy and delicious



Oysters with green strawberries and dild – elegant



Studio tatar with peas – playfull and delicious


img_1527 Blackberries, scallops, cream and dild oil. Beautiful and delicious



Baked perch, snails, favas, ground elder and chickweed and beurre blanc




Poached eggyolk with summer cabbage and foamy comte sauce



Freid langoustine and summer apples



Hay baked celeriac, cepts, green strawberries, truffeles and pine shoots – extremely delicious



West coast turbot with grilled onions and green strawberries – very delicious and umami rich



Clara Frijs pear and fermented garlic – great use of the fermented garlic

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