Fine Dining

Fine Dining in Copenhagen is off course dominated by new Nordic Cooking.  With 4 restaurants among the 100 best restaurants in world I am happy to say that New Nordic Cooking is still able to surprise and impress. For New Nordic Restaurants expect a feminine kitchen with pure and delicate flavors where vegetables often takes the center stage. At the Heart of New Nordic “manifest” taken from Noma is

Time and Place

Any dish should taste of where it is from at that specific time. With this in mind there is both the only Michelin star thai restaurant outside Thailand a very very excellent Italian restaurant, but in my mind you should always go for what is unique for that specific location. For Copenhagen that is New Nordic and the “New New Nordic” where chefs like Matt Orlando and Christian Pugsli have taken the feel of the New Nordic, but uses ingredients from all over the world if they feel it fits the dish.


The service is in general very informal and personal compared to what is usually the case in both Italy, Spain and especially France. English is never an issue as danes are always english speaking and in many of the top restaurants at least 50% of the staff is not from Denmark.

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