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My name is Peter Atzen and I would like to share my love for great dining experiences with you.

As a child I was very particular about what I ate. I am still very particular about What I eat but in a completely different way. Now I love ants, fish heads, heart and many other things as long as it is well prepared.

My first step from being a pickyeater to Foodie was the passion that Jamie Oliver displayed for food. The other step was a meal at Era Ora, an Italian Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, which opened a completely new world for me which I have enjoyed ever since.

I constantly search for unique dining experiences that will be burnt into my mind. This can be both fine ding at Noma, fish tacos from a Mexican street vendor or a pizza margarita in Naples. My search for unique dining experiences have taken me as far as Mexico and Peru, but if you spend more then 5 minutes on my blog you will see that my heart belongs to Noma and the delicate New Nordic cuisine.


I met my wife at a Dinner at restaurant Central in Lima which is why I lived in Lima, Peru for 3 years, but I am now back In Copenhagen happy to explore and enjoy everything Copenhagen has to offer. 


  • Ella Brita Erga
    13. February 2020 at 8:00

    Hi Peter!

    My name is Ella and I am working with a Nordic restaurant app called Livly. We are currently located in Norway, but is expanding to Copenhagen in March.

    In association with Livly and the new restaurant app, we would like to invite you to an exclusive lunch in the Norwegian residence in Copenhagen. That is why I need you contact details to send an invitation.

    You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

    • CopenhagenFoodie
      10. May 2021 at 13:58

      HI Ella. Sorro for the very late reply. I have not looked at the comment section for a very long time. If its still relevant send me an email at


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