Good value for money

As with any other city cheap doesn’t have to mean that you get poor quality. In my opinion several of Copenhagen’s medium prized restaurants can easily hold their weight against most of Frances one star restaurants. I think that the explanation is simple. With Noma Copenhagen has not only become a destination for foodies but also for chefs that come here from all over the world to work. The effect on the restaurant scene is off course that when the chefs leave the top restaurants as sous chefs they often get a position as head chef at another restaurant in Copenhagen or open their own place.


One of the ways that prizes are kept low, yes I know that restaurants in Copenhagen and everything else in Copenhagen is expensive, is to have two seating’s. Two seating’s therefore does not equal poor standard.


Most of these restaurants will also only serve a fixed menu, again to keep costs down, but they will all change according to the season.

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