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Stepping out of Noma’s shadow

Following a night at Studio Nomas new restaurant 108 was next in line. Despite both having strong ties to Noma they were worlds apart. Off course the food is simpler at 108, but it should definitely not be mistaken for less delicious.


This evening they mastered the small simple and extremely fresh servings like the mackerel, extremely beautiful romaine lettuce, and “classic” dishes such as tartar, winter ready dishes with the oxtail serving and just great desserts. So all and all a complete experience, which I am looking forward to revisiting to see the extent of their creative competences.


I am sure that 108 will be an extremely popular destination. It should be filled with foodies, people going out on a Friday night looking for both atmosphere and food, and price conscious foodies who cannot a ford the luxury of Copenhagen Michelin star restaurants but still wants to try the best of the New Nordic Cusine.

Restayrant 108

Cured mackerel with with salted gooseberries and an oil of spruce wood


Stems of romaine salad with aged turbot roe. An absolutely fantastic dish


Lamb tartare with last years pickled berries. img_1557

Braise oxtail with fresh pine


Lamb belly with wood sorrel


Grilled Courgette with Gammel Knas and blackcurrant leavesimg_1563

Caramelize milkskin with grilled pork belly and cressimg_1566

Wild blueberries with cream with toasted seaweed and ale


Raspberries and Rose fudge, granita and crisp

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