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Balls, crispy dicks, uterus and lungs. Amazing meal at Bror

Innovation and courage comes in many forms. At Bror you get a very unique interpretation of this. Using very expensive produce it is my theory that any semi decent chef can serve a nice meal with that. At Bror they have a different philosophy. Cook with cheap ingredients that nobody else would touch because this way they can serve extremely delicious food at a very low price because they have the skills to do it


In the serious of snacks we started with a Bror signature dish. Deep fried bulls balls with a tartar sauce. To me this dish is somewhat of a contradictory. It sounds exotic but the flavors are a bit bland.


When you already served the balls why not try with the dick. With a crème with dill and nettles it was a very delicious chip.


Taking a step back from the challenging a Nordic taco with duck heart was served. To me duck heart is one of my favorite ingredients I can get so I will chose it every time I have the option and here it lived up to my expectations.


Growing up I spent countless hours in my grandparent’s pea field so the next dish was pure deliciousness, Danish summer, and childhood memories for me. Peas served with rhybread, and lemon verbena granite made a very delicious, pure and simple dish.


Calling the next dish a snack is just wrong in some many ways. An entire cod head was served. Without a doubt the best “snack” of the evening. It is just so simple. The meat is delicious and cleaning it out eye and everything in the hunt for a great piece of fish is just fun.


And now to the first actual course of our menu.


Cured mackerel with tomatoes, lemon verbena and kale. Why mackerel is not used more then is the case is beyond me when you think about how much flavor it contains. Delicious.


Sometimes looks can be deceiving. This was diffidently the case with this dish that looked like a classic, but underneath the mash potatoes were fried cow lungs. A deep umami and grill flavor that matched the mash potatoes excellent. A very surprising and good dish.


I always like to talk to the waiters about the food and we had talked about a dish that they served at Mad5. So cheeky as I am I asked if we could try it. Off course was the answer, which I am very, was the case. Cows uterus served on rhy bread with remoulade. An amazing dish which will definiently stuck in my mind for a while.


The last main was the weakest part of the meal, but then again the overall level was exceptional high. Helk with zucchini and cauliflower. Delicious but it didn’t-t stand out.


Bror has in my opinion always had an exceptional high level when it comes to desserts. This was also the case today. The first serving was bone barrow crème brulee plane and simple. Served with a strawberry and elderflower ice cream. The bone barrow was an exceptional match as crème brulee can be extremely sweet. Defininetly not the case today.


We were approaching the end of the meal which I though was depressing. Luckily the last dessert put a proper finish on the meal. Terragon and rhubarb in different textures. I can go on and on about the processes it took to create this, but I just want to say that it was F…… delicious.


With this ended one of the maybe 10 best meals of my life. In terms of deliciousness which is the most important parameter it is very high up there. The fact that they use ingredients that no other restaurant will think about using they are able to serve very unique dishes. Complimented by friendly and competent waiters I cannot wait to visit Bror again and experience what crazy ideas they have come up with.

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