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Street food reinvented at Pujol (Mexico City)

With a lunch at Pujol I finished my own version of Dining Impossible with 6 of the worlds 50 best restaurants.


Between all the fine dining restaurants I had spent the rest of my time in Mexico eating street food and in general trying all local specialties such as mole, fish tacos, al pastor, chapulines, tostados, escarmoles while drinking lots of mescal. This was a perfect way to warm up to Pujol as it is rooted in the food that the locals eat an not just local ingredients as is the case in the terroir kitchen.


Overall the food was very delicious and especially the tortillas were by far the best I have ever had. As a Mexican restaurant this is an extremely good starting point. To hit all the high notes I felt that they were too true to the classics. Then again it is hard to make a fine dining version of a taco that is levels better then the good street food taco.


The signature dish Mole Madre was as good as expected. Simple yet so well thought out and delicious. By far the best mole of my trip and with their amazing tortillas I was happy.



Bocol  huasteco




Chia tostado


Chicken chicharron with escaroles. Pure and simple.


Baby for, powdered chicatana ant, coffee, costeno chile mayonnaise. Extremely good


Cuitlacoche, molleja and chicken live


Suckiling pig taco, smoked tortilla, chickpea puree, coriander and red japapono


Suckling lamb taco, avocado leaf adobo, avocado puree. Probably the most beautiful taco I have ever had.


Fresh fish, beurre noisette, potato, lemon mayonnaise and celery.


Mole madre and mole nuevo 1028 days.  AMAZING


The most delicious churros I have ever had. Soo crispy


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