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Sühring – does it serve the best German food in the World?

Restaurant Sühring is something as unusual as a German restaurant in Bangkok  honoring German traditions and the memories of the twins Mathias and Thomas Sühring. The restaurant is a small oasis in the concrete jungle that is Bangkok. It’s situated in a residential area which allows for both a big restaurant but also a big green garden.

A garden which you can see from every table which helps to create a cosy feel together with the wooden furnitures and panels.

Our lunch would start of with a sekt from 1984 and the quality of the pairing whether being German wines, French wines or non alcoholic beverages would all live up to the standard that this first wine set.

Our meal would start with a small snack of corned beef, beetroot and caviar. An impressive dish right of the bat and the presentation would be as flawless in this as well as the rest of the menu.

We would continue with a pickled mackerel with pike roe and leeks. This would naturally be a step up in terms of depth of flavor but still very balanced and refined.

I am going to repeat my self quiete a lot in this post as every dish shared a lot of characteristics with would be great product, extreme precision, great flavor and nice presentations. This would also go for the next snack which was a smoked eel gel with horseradish and red wine vinegar. The horseradish naturally gave a nice kick to balance the dish.

The next dish looked simple but was simply outstanding. In came a cookie/waifer in its packaging like the traditional German cookie. However what it held was not traditional. It was super delicious foie gras wafer with apricot and hazelnuts. This was served with a vanilla vinegar that was able to cut through the rich dish perfectly.

This was probably the most beautiful pate I have ever seen. How they managed to do the mosaic in the middle I have no idea, but it was very impressive in terms of presentation. Naturally the flavor was equally impressive. 

Arctic char with cauliflower and a fluffy buttery sauce was the most humble looking dish of the menu, but it was a pure bliss to eat. Soft, velvety and delicious. A small tarte of caviar and salty salmon eggs were a perfect match to this delicious dish.

Blue lobster and pumpkin pure would continue the streak of dishes of pure delight and velvety soft flavors. A table side finish of two different sauces naturally also lifted the experience even more.

A German classic is spätzle, which would have all the classic elements and then a bit extra in the form of the last white Alba truffle of the season. Again a dish of pure deliciousness and from the delicious truffle to the crunchy onion and the soft spätzle “pasta”.

Our final savory dish would be a smoked duck served with persimmon and a jue with just a hint of cacao. As delicious as it it beautiful. Seeing it being plated in the kitchen gave a nice appreciated for all of the craftsmanship and work that goes into the elaborated dishes. 

A small “cheese fondue” would be our transition to the desserts. Topped with a small black truffle it was a delicious umami rich snack.

I have to say that I never expected to find a seabuchthorn dessert in Bangkok but this would be the case it was VERY nice. Served with a few pink peppers and bay leaves juice it was refreshing, flavorful and delicious. 

Our final dessert would encapsulate our entire lunch perfectly. In came a schwarzälder kirschtorte which is a classic dessert from southern Germany. It was topped with flower leaves that were so precisely places that I thought they did it with a ruler just to underscore the meaning of German precision which was what we had experience today. Delicious and refined German precision in case any body was wondering. 

For me our lunch at Sühring was a 3 Michelin star lunch in every sense of the experience. They use great product, many of which are from Germany as some of the ingredients they use simply cannot be found in Thailand. They transform these into delicious dishes executed with impeccable precision that are as impressive to look at as they are to eat. End to end it is a very comforting and delicious meal based on German traditions which in Germany could be considered safe but definently not in Bangkok. 

The service is attentive and professional and the pairing naturally contains top German products and French if the latter is the way you prefer to go. Again a surprisingly good pairing which once again underscores the fact that Sühring truely is a 3 Michelin star restaurant. 

I was invited by the restaurant to try their their tasting menu

Practical information

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Head chef: Thomas and Matthias Sühring

Menu: 10 course tasting menu – $150 plus wine


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