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Luxurious ingredients and strong flavors at Amber

Amber reopend just 5 months ago after a major restauration or both menu, kitchen and restaurant.

The overall sence of style in Hong Kong is extravaganza and the Amber dining room is just that, extravagant which is aparant from the moment you step in. You get the same fealing sitting down in the very comfortable chairs and getting greeted by the friendly staff and wine being pores in the thinnest wineglasses I have ever seen.

But now for the food. I was starting with  small amouche bouche in the form of tofu, black truffle pure, soy and tomatoes in gel. Depending on each spoonfull it was either super freshing from the cold tomatoes or umami rich from the truffles. Very nice start

Sashimi with watercress juice, lightly steamed sealittuve a super light and refreshing dish. Never had a mackrel that delicate and refreshing.

Uni with a super soft cauliflower pure with lobster sauce and imperial caviar. Such a elegant dish of soft flavors and textures. It was a very delicate uni flavor that complimented the caviar perfectly. A signatur dish for a reason. 

Shikanoshima clams, with softly steamed lettuce, potatoes, cucumber juice and fresh crunchy cucumbers. A very dish with great balance of flavors and textures.

Ekstra dish with snowpeas, polmelo and cuttlefish. A nice mix of sweet, fresshness and just a bit of umami from the dish. Shiso, violin zucchini, nocellera, and tilefish with extremely crispy skin. Such a great dish. The fish was just very delicious and I have never had skin than crispy before. 

For my main dish two versions of lamb, belly and tenderloin with Japanese peppers and menton lemon. I do love a good lamb belly and this version was delicious.

Off course I also had to have a waguy A5 sirloin with baby romaine heart and tamarind sauce. Such a beautifull and classic dish.

It was hard to believe that after a waguy beef it would actually get better but it did. Sake less with delicious rasberry crisps and puffed rice with just a bit of rice milk. Here the rasberry was just perfectly matched by the delicate milk and the puffed rice was not too sweet as they otherwise can be.

To end the meal it would be a chocolate mousse, crispy chocolate shavings, covered in just a bit of smoked bourdon and crispy buckwheat. The smokey flavors naturally was a great match for the chokolate.

Now I have never dined at Amber before the redocoration but the new dining room looks stunning. In Hong Kong they do love their gold but it was done with style and elegance. The food is a marriage between Europe, Japan and China both in terms of techniques and especially Japan when it comes to the luxurious ingredients. The flavors are elegant, delicious and luxurious. Well worth a visit

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