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The highlight of London – Delicate flavours at Hedone

Hedone is unlike most of the other fine dining restaurants in London located outside the city center. I was however to find out that it was definitely worth the extra trip.


The actual restaurant is quite small and in this regard quite cozy with exposed bricks and an open kitchen. Situated at the bar I had a firsthand look the details of the chefs work.


With a 10-course menu, I was actually glad this night that there were only 3 small snacks to start with. Worth highlighting, was very delicious fish and chips. Crispy and sweet.


I had actually had a 9 course tasting menu at The Clove Club at lunch this day so surprise surprise I was actually not that hungry. However when they told me that this day it was mostly seafood there was no doubt that I had to do the extended menu once again. A decision I was not to regret and I had forgotten the very moment they served me the first dish.

Poached oyster with an apple foam, cucumber ice cream and an apple gel. The combination of acidity, a nice fatty oyster was amazing. I loved this dish. Fresh and delicious.


Tofu and caviar – this was just an umami and seaweed bomb that exploded in my mouth. If you like the taste of seaweed you will love this dish; it not you will hate it


The sweetest crab and apple with a hazelnut cream. Amazing sweet sauce based purely on crab stock. I loved this dish.

20 different fresh vegetables. Seeing and eating this dish, I wonder if this is what it is like eating in the garden of Alain Passard? Very good

Scallops cooked ever so slightly with oxalis and a simple sauce. Keep it simple. I like that.

Chanterelles, dehydrated sweet carrots and sweet bread cooked to perfection. The Jiu rounded the dish of perfectly.


Pigeon with a sake sauce and roots. Again, the pigeon was cooked to perfection with red meat and crispy skin. Nice to see that the chefs still master the basic craftsmanship and don’t have to rely on fancy machines for everything. A great dish, which I am sure I would have enjoyed a bit more had I not been full at this point.

Wow wow wow lemon thyme ice-cream gold lemon merengue

Mile fume with vanilla custard, lemon icecream and balsamic vinegar. Very crisp and delicate. I really liked this dessert Although after 9 courses I would have preferred something just a bit lighter to finish off with.


At the end of this night, I was very happy with the evening at Hedone. Classic technique used to create soft delicate flavors from very good quality ingredients. Of my 3 visits in London to restaurants all rated among the 100 best in the World. Hedone was My absolute favorite. Probably also Because its style of cooking and use of ingredients were closest to My personal preference, vegetables, fish and shellfish used to creative feminine dishes with soft flavors. The service was spot on and professional and I felt in capable hands when choosing which wines that were to assist the meal. The answer was to my liking often classic French wines

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