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Tate an ode to Chinese/French fusion

Soft pink colors, caviar and a decadent dessert trolley are all important parts if the dining experience at Tate Dining Room & Bar. 

Chef Vicky Lau has long been recognized as one of the best female chefs in Asia and at Tate Dining Room she brings her own vision of a modern Hong Kong restaurant to life.

Our dinner at Tate started off with 2 amouche biuches served on a beautiful mirror platter. Crispy tart with drunken sweet shrimp and a rice cracker with mango Salsa topped with duck parfait. I especially liked the sweet shrimp cracker.


Next dish was just such an esthetic serving. Seaweed jelly with a cauliflower pure and a healthy amount of caviar. Caviar and cauliflower créeme was to become a repeat combination and this was by far the most beautiful.


With pan fried abalone with a chicken broth we were to increase in intensity of flavors. A classic Chinese combination but brand new to me. The richness of the soup matched the delicate abalone perfect.


Scallop and kumquat Grenobloise-style sauce. A very delicious dish where very soft flavors from the scallop were met by the spicey sauce and just a bit of butter.


Steamed turbot with yellow wine sauce, baby artichoke with Jerusalem artichoke puree. Very nice combinations but unfortunately the turbot was just a bit overcooked for it to be amazing.


Super nice curry and carrot cream to go with the langostino. I really do like when soft delicate flavors are combined with spices to create contrast and this was just

very delicious. 


Roasted duck breast with figs and red date compot and of course duck jus. Duck is of course a staple in China so naturally it was cooked perfect.

Tahiti vanilla cream with a yoghurt merenque and guava sorbet. Refreshing and sweet which was just what I needed at this point.


A chestnut sago soufflé with Pu’er icecream. It is seldom that I eat soufflé but this was just sweet, rich and very fluffy just how it’s suppose to be. 

To finish the beautiful trolley of petit fours designed by Vicky herself was rolled in front of us. For the first minute you just admire the artwork and then you start listening to the description of what it actually contains. 

With this we had finished our evening at Tate. From the minute you walk into the door two things are apparent: the owner is a woman and a woman who loves design. Soft pink colors softly brings life to the dining room and all the dishes have a nice estétic apeal to them as well as soft delicate flavors. As you then dive into the dishes it also a obvious that she has had both classical French training while at the same time her cusine is based on her Chinese heritage.  With this combination Tate represents very much modern cusine in Hong Kong where mixing local ingredients with imported luxury items and European techniques are at the heart. At Tate executed with a soft delicate touch.

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