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Worlds best 1 Star restaurant at Søllerød Kro

Two months ago I had one of my best meals ever at Søllerød Kro and when that happens I could not resist going there again before leaving Copenhagen.

Having already written a long post covering some of its histore, location and so forth this post will be somewhat shorter, so for the long version see the previous post.


To start the meal a series of snacks and smaller appetizers were served. My favorite was the small truffle egg. It was rich in umami and just pure deliciousness.


A refreshing “potato” soup was up next. A juice of cucumber gave it a very refreshing and light touch.

The next dish was the best of the evening. A long an technical description of the dish was delivered by headchef Brian, but to us mere mortals it was a nutty ande pure “split” cream with caviar. It was just so pure and delicious. The nutty and delicate flavours of the cream was so perfect for the amazing and delicate cavicar.


Another caviar serving was to follow. The classic Søllerød Kro caviar dish served in a caviar can. This time with razor scallops, cream and a small “cracker” with horseradish.


This was actually the first dish of the official menu. Again a caviar dish served with a grilled oyster. Another creamy dish where the vermouth sauce provided a bit of acididity to balance the flavours.


One of my favorite produce is turbot. This time with a “stuffing of trout, scallops and other sea and shellfish” and a sauce with fish eggs an potatoes which gave a nice crunchy element. A rich and delicious dish.

And another of my personal favorites is lobster so when I saw that it was on the menu I was looking forward to this dish since the beginning. It was served with a pine juice, consomme and a yummy dehyrate egg yoke which provided a great umami element to the dish. It was delicious but unfortunately it could not live up to my expectations.


No meal at Søllerød Kro is complete without a froie gras serving. This time as a terrin with pickled pear which provided a great acidic element which is needed for the fatty duck. The foir gras was done with lots of cognac, wallnuts and toppen with just a bit of cacao for bitternes. The dish marked the beginning of the bigger and heavier dishes.

Following this was a dish that I also had the last time and loved. A delicious sweet slow roasted celeriac, a sauce of Thybo cheese, topped of with roasted hazelnuts from Piemonte and off course lots of winter truffle. It is just an amazing dish. Simple but so rich of flavor and great textures where the soft celeriac meets the crunchy bread and hazelnuts. One more please.


The next dish was an extremely umami rich consome with sous vide egg and again lot of truffle. I loved everything about this dish. Soft in textures but rich in flavours. I just couldn’t resist to stir up the egg and truffles which ment a very brown dish, but it ment that everything was mixed in just the right proportions.  It therefore showet that a dish does not have to be a “Instagram friendly”  beautifull dishto be a great dish as it was just so delicious.


Almost equally delicious was the next dish. Guinea fowl in an extremely crispy batter. Served wisth fermented morrels, celeriac an yet another rich morrel sauce. A signaturdish in the making.

It was now time for two amazing desserts. The first was a beautifull serving of 42% Esmeralda beans and mango and passion fruit. The combination cacao and acidity is always a strong combination.


The last one was yet another amazing presentation with inspiration from Italy where hazelnuts from Piemonte was combination without Jerusalem artischoke icecream and malt.


After 10 plus dishes and 6,5 hours we left Søllerød Kro fealing very full, drunk and very happy. As with the last time the food was extremely delicious and the service is so competent and not at least very friendly making you feel welcome. Usually “middle of the road” is a negative comment, but Søllerød Kro takes midddle of the road to amazing level. None of the dishes will challenge  or ofrene you with extreme produce or flavour combination or theatricalmgimmivs. Everything is just so well executed and pleasing making it so easy just to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. Evening with a big smile on your face.


A favorit pastime in Denmark and I assume everywhere else is to speculate which restaurants deserved one or more Michelin stars and this year is no exception. For 2018 Søllerød Kro remained only with one star but in mine and all other critics opinion it is easy a two star restaurant. The positive apsect of the disappointment that it makes it easy to get a table at this vastly underrated restaurant which will certainly get the second Star next year.

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