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Venenuzalian flavors strikes in Copenhagen

All good things come to those who wait. Being a foodie it can be difficult to keep up with the series of restaurants opening in Copenhagen. I am therefore not proud to say that it took me two years from Taller opened to the time where I actually tried it. It was with out a doubt worth the wait, but it will not be two years until I am back.


Taller represents exotic flavors, very strong techniques, friendly waiters and everything was very delicious. Going back I will definently ask for a place at the bar again to get close to the kitchen and not least the chance to talk to Karlos Ponte about the creations.


A very simple and refreshing way to start the meal. No real magic though. A bit of lemongrass was a nice touch though

Oysters mango and chili
Great balance but the granite was too cold and the temperature “killed” a lot of the flavour



Braised oxtail and chayota
Very delicious. With its intense flavours it might as well have been a main course



Heart of Palm and fenel
Delicate texture. Beautifull dish and very delicious.



The dishes just kept getting better and better. This was too simple, delicate and delicious



Yucca root.

Usually yucca is all about carrying spices, but with this dish yucca was this main attraction. So nice textures and so delicious flavors.



Oyster mushrooms cod roe and seaweed

When done right oyster mushrooms are vastly underrated. The saltiness from the cod roe and seaweed was a perfect match to the oyster mushroom.



Potato and hollandaise

With this and the previous dish we continued in the Nordic theme. So simple and such great flavors. Amazing potatoes.


Black lentils and egg yoke

A classic Taller dish. The visual is amazing. The only problem with the dish were the previous dishes where the level was just so high.



Lobster tomato skin and bloodsause

Just so good. One of the best dishes I have ever had. Exceptional balance and a very innovative combination of ingredients




For the first time this evening we found “faults” in the execution. The lamb was dry, but the sauce was amazing.


Sour soup and avocado

A very beautiful dessert, but it was just too complicated, too many ingredients, that worked individually but not as a combination




Cacao and chocolate

You just have to love cacao and the best cacao dessert I have tried outside South America. With this dish a great meal came to its end. Great technical skills were shown to highlight the ingredients of Venezuela at its very best side.




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