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Delicate food at Bror – amazing as always

Bror is one of my all time favorite restaurants and for good reason. Their profile is unique with their extreme focus on nose to tail and off course they serve decilious and very high quality to cost ratio.


Classic starters in the xxx section. Bulls Balls, crispy dicks and the highlight was uterus with curry and crispy ryebread. So delicious, fatty, spicey and great textures.

Salmon tartarer and a crispy codskin and roe. Pure and delicious.

Peas with a lemon verbena oil and crab. For me this is summer in a bowl. A dish with great balance.


Next dish was disappointing though. Cods tongue and delicate spices. Almost no flavours but pure soft textures from the gelatine.


Great comeback with a cod and cucumber tartarer. Refreshing and delicious.


Next up was the highlight of the meal. Chicken hearts with a cauliflower pure and an amazing complementary refreshing sauce that really brought the dish together. Yumm


The maincourse was fresh both green and white asparagues, juicy pork and crispy chickenskin. Again a dish of great balance between the fatty and rich chickenskin and delicate asparagues.


I have always loves the desserts at Bror. Terragon crisps, unripe strawberries and fresh strawberries. In my mind the green strawberries were not required. They added accidity and a crunchy element which I basically didn’t see that it required. Still a delicious dessert.


As it was available today I off course wanted to add the bonemarrow creme brulee to our menu. An umamirich dessert that is just in great balance. I love it. So different from the usual desserts.


To finish the meal was a rhubarb dessert that was in the more classic department then usual for Bror. Great but didn’t lave a huge impression

The last couple of times I had been at Bror it had been the autum/Winther menu. I was therefore looking forward to their spring menu and see how they would deal with small delicate herbes. They executed it with elegance and created some very delicate dishes. So as always it was a great evening where the service and wine matched the food execellent.

The only question is then when am I going back??? Soon is so vague.

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