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Finedining in Bergen. Lysverket surprises you

Finedining in Bergen who knew that was a thing. I was in town 3 days for business and asked a colleague for recommendations and Lysverket was on top of the list. I am glad it was.

The decor was New Nordic with simple rustik dark wooden furniture in a big open space with a view to the kitchen. So cosy, casual and fancy all rapped in one.


To start with was 4 different snacks with a Scandinavia kebab and a fish soup with a very acidic vinigerette for balance as the highlight. A very promising start.


The first real dish was the weakest of the evening. A crisp salat with an oyster mayo. Unfortunate without a lot of taste besides the dressing.


Next dish was however rich in flavor. A black garlic paste, grilled fresh asparagues and cured egg yoke. Umami rich and delicious.


This dish was actually served the next day. I always enjoy takling to the chefs and waiters abort the food which off course also happening this time so the chef Lars made me a couple of dishes of the menu.
The first was a clam ceviche with woodsorrel and an acidic rhubarb juice with just a bit of sour creme. Simple, delicious and refreshing.

Next off the menu dish was by far the highlight of the Teo nights. Lars amazing job. Put it on the menu. Scallops, grilled asparagues, mushrooms and some decorative flowers. Great combinations and well executed.

Next up was a fishcrap salat taco. Nice but not amazing.


Back at the regular menu was grilled tusk with grilled cabbage, suger kelp and different crispy seeds. A great combination of flavours.


To finish the meal was a buttermilk icecream with caramel and a seabuckthorn sauce. Sgain nice combinations of flavours. However it could have used more of the acidity that comes with seabuckthorn.

With this dish two nights had passed and I came back for reason. As I previously stated the off the menu dishes were the best. I enjoyed both nights. The organic wines were a great match for the light dishes and I loved the service. All the waiters and the chefs very both capable in their trade and gave a personal experience.

A michelin Star should be in reach for Lysverket with just some small improvements. Regardless of that the next time I am in Bergen I will definently be back at Lysverket.

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