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Classic mexicanfood in New York at Cosme

Ok I have a thing for mexican food. I love the heat fromt hot chilies, the simplicity of a good taco, the complexity of a mole and the great variety of fresh fruits that is available for desserts and breakfast. Because of this Cosme had ben high on my list of restaurants to eat at since dining at Pujol a year ago. Afterall how would the classic dishes from Mexico work in a New York setting or would they do something brand new? Due to a series of small mishaps only brunch was possoble this time.

Sleek and modern interior thatmatched the style of the food.

Starting with an amazing unitostado. Sweet and very soft textures the uni was a great match for the tomatoes and picked onions that made of the rest of the tostado.

Next up was a Classic mexican breakfast dish huevo ranchero. An addition of mushrooms gave the dish an increased boost of umami that matched the rest of the dish.

I have a thing for mole. I love the deep and complex flavours and scooping it up with warm tortilla to make sure the bowl is complety clean. This was also to be the case today where the mole was served with a confit duck enchilada.

It is Not often that the signatur dish of a restaurant is a dessert. For Cosme it is. Corn husk merinque. For me this dish could not live up to my expectstions. To rich and when it is that simple the flavours have be strong. This was not the case.

With churros on the menu this was also a nobrainer to order. I am glad I did. Simple and delicious. Crunchy and similar as you get them on the streets of Mexico.

With having visited both Atla and Cosme within 3 days comparison is easy. Despite this I am still uncertain as to which I prefer. The style of cooking is very similar and both serve up delicious dishes. I Think a fuld dinner at Cosme is needed to do a fair comparison but right now I am most looking forward to going back to Atla

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