I have always been a fan of Amass. From creating a relaxed atmosphere where you off course drink your Champaign in the garden in the summertime to the cool interior of the old factory building with graffiti on the walls, to seats for walk ins and off course the great tasting food. A couple of weeks back I went for “The amazing Pig-out” which was by far the best picnic I have been to, but now it was time to return to the restaurant and off course the 9 course tasting menu.



Amass - sweet corn and fermented mushrooms

First serving was sweet corn and fermented mushrooms. It is unusual to start with such a sweet dish but it worked really well with the crunchy mushrooms. It looked almost like a bowl of cereal with brand flakes. Quite different in taste though.

Amass fermented potatobread

Their fermented potato flatbread is legendary which is definitely deserves. Exactly how it is made remains a mystery to me, but the potato gives a lot of structure and flavor to the bread, which this day was served with different herbs.

Amass softshell clam

Soft-shell clam and seaweed I would really call it a serving but a snack where a full glass of wine wasn’t really necessary. It was however a nice serving that unfortunately didn’t leave a strong impression compared to the other dishes.

Amass tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes served with dried tomatoes and white currants and a juniper oil. Tasted like the tomatoes had sucked the last beams of the summer sun. Simple and extremely refreshing which was perfect in the end of the summer.

Amass octupus

The next serving was without a doubt the highlight of the meal. Octopus, peach, sundried tomatoes and garden nasturtium. The delicate octopus was a perfect match to the sweet peaches. Probably the most technical simple dish of the meal, actually a fancy salad, but a really tasty salad.

Amass cepmushroom

Cepmushrooms always mark the beginning of autumn, which was the case for this dish where the previous dishes had probably been on the menu for most of the summer. Cepmushrooms are always exceptional when in season and this was definitely also the case with this serving.


I like the nose to tail principle both because you pay respect to the animal but also because the odd cuts usually are more tasty then the plain ones. Ox heart was at the heart of the next serving along with berries and chanterelles. Sweet, umami rich and very delicious.

Amass pork neck

The last main course was yet another odd and delicious cut. Port neck served with walnuts and apples. A very delicious piece of meat, which was treated with the right amount of love.


Our first dessert was a delicious cake with meringue. I hate to admin but I can remember the exact flavors’ besides the fact that it was delicious. 9 glasses of wine can do that to any man, at least to me.


Whey “ice cream” with sweet potatoes was the last dish of the menu. Simple and beautiful.

Amass rosemary cake

Rosemary cake which was by no means innovative but it was extremely classic Danish except for the powerful taste of rosemary which somehow magically seemed so right, especially when eaten when the rhubarb jam. It definitely made me smile maybe not despite but because it was so simple.


Hereby an evening at Amass had ended. A week previous to my visit to Amass I visited Relæ. Both are on the list of the 100 best restaurants in world, the head chefs have both worked at head chef at Noma and now create their own interpretation of Nordic Cooking mixed with their own origin. For my own part Relæ came out on top of this comparison with a higher degree of innovation and more unique dishes. Amass is however definitely recommendable and too me this just shows how extremely high the standard is in Copenhagen.


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