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Simple and strong flavors at Geist

For a Friday or Saturday night where you are going out on a night on the town with the boys there is no more perfect spot to start the evening then Geist. The décor is super slick and cool. I always prefer to dine at the bar to be able to observe everything that is going on in the open kithchen.

It had been a year since my last visit to Geist and I was very glad to see that the menu was a mix being old classics that rightly so deserves a place on the menu and new exciting dishes. My choices of the day was however only dishes I havn’t tried before.

Restaurant Geist

The fist dish was raw cauliflower cut razorthin, served with truffle sauce and a sous vide egg yoke. The cauliflower provide great tuxture and everybody knows that egg and truffles are a perfect match. Especially served with a nice Nebbiolo wine. Classic combinations, but it was difinently the first time I have tried it this way.

Restaurant Geist

The next dish was squid served with black king trumpets and black pepper. A very simple dish, but it was powerfull in flavours and the 3 elements of the dish stood out crystal clear in a great combition.

Restaurant Geist

The last salty dish was the highlight of the meal. Deep fried artichoke with suckling pig and truffle sauce. The pig had been slowly cooked and was very rich in flavor. I have never tried deep fried artischoke but they very very delicious and a perfect match in texture and flavor to balance the sweet and fatty pig.

Restaurant Geist

For dessert I actually went classic. In this case actually too classic. A new interpretation of gradmothers apple cake. Baked apples with macaroons and whipped vanilla cream. It was OK, but by far the weakest dish of the evening and did not display the creativity which I expect from Bo Bech.


My waiter for the evening had recommed all the salty dishes. They were all spot on which I was very happy about as the menu descriptions very seldom gives credit to the dishes. I think that this was my first visit where I noticed the presentation of the dishes. All the salty dishes very random and not in the organized way that takes 5 minutes to plate. As long as the dishes are as great as they were today they could serve it any way they want and it is saying to Geist. It is laid back, but everything is of great quality.

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