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Oops I did it again – a great evening at 108

I don’t cook on Fridays. A principle that usually means a pizza or a burger, but it has also on more than one occasion taken me to a fine dining restaurant and a tasting menu. This Friday the choice was restaurant 108.


First dish was a dish that was heavily inspired or similar to a Noma dish. Raw scallop with scallop roe, kelp salt and a rich oil from rose hip and a reduction of sourdough bread. I loved this dish. Filled with umami and the kelp salt was simply just a great touch to complement the amazing scallop.


From fresh and very new Nordic to a dish which felt like Japanese Nordic fusion. Deep fried brown beech mushrooms with a smoked egg yolk emulsion and sprinkled seaweed. I loved the textures of the mushrooms where the small bits were crunchy and the heart was still juicy and rich. I actually found myself eating the smoky and rich eff yoke emulsion with my fingers after I was finished with the mushrooms. Next time just give me a bucket of this.

For my main, I ordered the chicken. A dish that I had in a previous version in January. It was still remarkably juice, I liked the sauce, but what I loved was the grilled ramson leaves with the dried scallop. The combination was just amazing. Again, I dish that was inspired by a Noma dish, but I don’t care as it was just amazing and I will order it again the next time.


To finish the meal was the simplest dish this evening and maybe one of the most beautiful desserts I have had. Sorbet of wild blackcurrants with hazelnut milk and young and fresh pinespruits. I just loved this one. 3 different textures of the blackcurrant and the fresh hazelnut milk. So good.


This was my 4 time dining at 108 and 3 time in their permanent location and I have to say that I am very impressed. How they are able to serve out amazing dishes that look equally beautiful, develop a wide array of new dishes while still having a restaurant which is open 7 days of week with two seating’s and table for walk inns is beyond me. In my opinion this restaurant just keeps getting better and better while both drawing on the innovation from Noma while developing their completely own identity and a professional and knowledgeable front of house staff.


I will therefore without a doubt keep coming back simply just to have another great evening.


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