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Relaxed luxury at Jaan by Kirk

Restaurant Jaan by Kirk is located on the 70th floor of the Swisshotel in Singapore. This naturally gives an amazing view whether it is to Marina Bay Sands or further north the city of Singapore. The newly renovated diningroom is luxurious, comforting and just screams relaxed luxury.

Enjoying the lovely view became even more lovely with a glass of Krug in my hand and quickly after that snacks started to arrive at my table. The first tree arrived at the same time in the form of a chickpea cracker, fish and chips and a goose mouse. The goose mouse was my favorite with a lovely mix of freshness and umami. 

Following this a lovely serving of grilled king crab and a beautiful and delicious cheddar pancake topped with generous amount of caviar with a beautiful presentation. An impressive start.

The final snack would be a comforting leek and potato soup. Crispy chicken skin and macadamia nuts gave a nice bit of crunch and depth to the soup.

I always love when simple ingredients are treated with respect and treated like they were the most luxurious ones. This was the case with a salt crust dough cooked white beetroot  which was matched with sour crème and caviar. The flavor was as lovely as the presentation was beautiful.

From one simple ingredient to another in the form of cabbage. Again a cheap ingredient was paired with the most expensive in the form of generous amounts of caviar and a buttery sauce where lemon gave the contrast that it needed. A very nice combination.

 For my first fishcourse I would have wild sea bass which was naturally butter poached served with turnip and a rich fish sauce reduction with lots of chives. 

For my main course I would have a luxurious dish with wagy, foie gras and truffle which could be considered the holy trinity of ingredients. It was a lovely dish but for a 2 star Michelin restaurant in Singapore I did expect any use of wagyu to be from Japan and not Australia which I think would have lifted up the experience.

As a palette cleanser I would have a very beautiful serving of different citrus. The flavors were nice and refreshing but what really made the dish stand out to me was the beautiful presentation.

A pear tarte would also have a very beautiful presentation. I simply couldn’t help staring at those layers of pear that formed the base of the tarte. Crafmanship when its best is to me always better than use of modern techniques and this was top level craftsmanship.

A visit to Jaan is a visit to a restaurant of relaxed luxurious. Sit back in your chair, enjoy the view, a glass of Krug and delicious comforting dishes in a luxurious setting. The menu I got was called “simple yet complex” which I think it lives up to. On the face of it the dishes look simple with few ingredients but the preparation is anything but simple which you taste in the dishes. Jaan is therefore also a perfect place for a romantic dinner as the view and the food is bound to impress any date you might have. 

I was invited by the restaurant 

Practical information

Head chef: Kirk Westaway

Menu: 8 course tasting menu – about $200


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