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Surprises at Tempura Matsu

In a small house in the outskirts of Kyoto I was to have one of my best meals ever In Kyoto several people recommended that we went to Tempura Matsu. A discrete place on the outskirts of the city with neither website or online booking of course. ... Continue Reading

Inua brings the finess and warmt of Noma to Tokyo

Inua is the restaurant of head chef Thomas Frebel who spent 10 years at Noma and the last 5 running the testkitchen. Usually when writing about one restaurant I don’t like to talk or compare that restaurant to any other. However as Thomas was an ... Continue Reading

French dekadence at Robuchon au Dome

Ruinart, Grand Dame, Cristal or Dom Perignon that was my first decision at 3 Michelin star restaurant Robuchon au Dome in Macao. We arrived at the Grand Lisboa hotel in Macao and went strait to the 42 floor which houses the restaurant. On the ... Continue Reading

Tate an ode to Chinese/French fusion

Soft pink colors, caviar and a decadent dessert trolley are all important parts if the dining experience at Tate Dining Room & Bar.  Chef Vicky Lau has long been recognized as one of the best female chefs in Asia and at Tate Dining Room ... Continue Reading

Haku – the rising star in the Asian food World

Caviar, Wagyu beef and expensive Japanese ingredients are surprisingly common in top Hong Kong restaurants but at Haku the flavors truely lived up its expensive prices and renowed name. Haku opened just two years ago but has already made quiet ... Continue Reading

Exquisite Chilean , French, Japanese and Nordic flavors on a plate at De Patio

First Hollandaise then beurre blanch all on the same dish. Now if that isn’t heaven on earth I don’t know what is especially not if served with some fresh vegetables as was the case at De Patio. Santiago in Chile isn’t exactly know as a ... Continue Reading

Vegetables magic at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

“A boatride, a plane and a bus. Thats what it takes to get to any of the really good restaurants that I will recommend you” A friend of mine said. Well I took a plane, two subways, a local train and a taxi and Blue Hill was worth all of ... Continue Reading

Reinventing Chilean cusine at Borago

When I moved to Peru a bit more than a year ago I wanted to experience Latin America and all it had to offer. My first trip since my move was a foodie trip to Santiago basically just to eat at Borago. Now of course I haven’t travelled around ... Continue Reading

Sud777 – best restaurant in Mexico DF?

For once a vacation was not planned around food just planned around going to places that both me and my wife loves. We still have to eat though so when in Mexico it goes without saying that we had to visit some restaurants and after having heard ... Continue Reading

Preserving Peruvian traditions at Reataurant Mil

On the land around us there were boiled horsebeans, potatoes and corn with cheese all made by the woman from a local community just 2km from Mil. The scene was lunch in the middle of a working day for the woman but this scene was to stay in my mind ... Continue Reading