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The diversity of Peru on a plate – amazing experience at Central

Some restaurants come with greater expectations then others. Exactly one year ago, I met my girlfriend at Central so for that reason alone Central will always have a special place in my heart. Virgilio Martinez takes on the mission to rediscover the massive diversity of Peru covering both the Andes Mountains, the extremely rich Amazonia, the coast and so forth and presents it to the guests at urban Central in Lima. Usually I do not make disclaimers on my posts but the food at Central, is for ... Continue Reading

The highlight of London – Delicate flavours at Hedone

Hedone is unlike most of the other fine dining restaurants in London located outside the city center. I was however to find out that it was definitely worth the extra trip.   The actual restaurant is quite small and in this regard quite cozy with exposed bricks and an open kitchen. Situated at the bar I had a firsthand look the details of the chefs work.   With a 10-course menu, I was actually glad this night that there were only 3 small snacks to start with. Worth ... Continue Reading

The highlight of Shoreditch – casual dining at Lyles

A dinner at Lyles marked the beginning of an intense 24 hours with 3 tasting menus at high-end restaurants. As it turned out the casual restaurant in the trendy Shoreditch neighborhood could easily live up to the other classic fine dining restaurants. The restaurant is situation in an old industrial building and together with an open dining room; it creates a very casual and minimalistic feeling where focus is on the food. Lamb shoulder in a crispy batter with a classic mint sauce ... Continue Reading

A taste of London at The Clove Club

  My exposure to british finedining before this trip was non existing. I was therefore very uncertain of what to expect. Afterall they showcase everything from the molecular and once cutting edge restaturant that is The Fat Duck where as the now more known restaurants seem to lean more towards classic french taste.   The Clove Club is located in the very modern and hip area of Shoreditch in an old classic mansion. Internally the décor continued to reflect the upscale ... Continue Reading

Street food reinvented at Pujol (Mexico City)

With a lunch at Pujol I finished my own version of Dining Impossible with 6 of the worlds 50 best restaurants.   Between all the fine dining restaurants I had spent the rest of my time in Mexico eating street food and in general trying all local specialties such as mole, fish tacos, al pastor, chapulines, tostados, escarmoles while drinking lots of mescal. This was a perfect way to warm up to Pujol as it is rooted in the food that the locals eat an not just local ingredients as is ... Continue Reading

Classic Peru in a modern setting at Astrid and Gaston (Lima, Peru)

Little did I know about the Peruvian cusine before coming to Peru except that it was the birthplace of patatoes, they grow cacao and they love ceviche. At Astrid and Gaston they were going to teach me a lot more and showing me the different part that make up the Peruvian kitchen.   There were not at all the same display of technical skills as Central or Maido. The focus was on great flavors which they achieved to a very large extent. I left Astrid and Gaston with a smile on my ... Continue Reading

Magic fusion cooking at Maido (Lima, Peru)

Some meals have the potential to stay with you for a long while and change the way you think about food. I am lucky to have had a few of these iconic experiences. I had travelled to Lima in Peru primarily to eat at Central and I thought Central would have been one of those experiences, but instead it turned out that Maido would take that place. I had joined a local for the dinner at Central and for the entire meal she would not stop talking about Maido so walking in to the restaurant my ... Continue Reading

A display of technical perfection at Central (Lima, Peru)

This was without of doubt one of the dinners I had looked forward to most in my “foodie” time, well Central was the primary reason for coming to Peru. I have always appreciated restaurants that bring something special that you can only experience in that one place. Virginilio … Mater Elevations is taking the terroir cooking to a new level and combining it with a very high technical level. To make it a complete experience the presentation of the dishes was a integrated part of the experi... Continue Reading

Classic mexican flavors in a modern setting at Quintonil

Modern technique used to interpret the local cuisine in a modern context is always appealing. Paired that with a rating of 12 on the Worlds 50 Best restaurants lets just say that I was more then curious before my first Mexican fine dining experience. And it is pretty safe to say that I had both a genuine Mexican experience with escamoles (ant eggs), cactus, grasshopper and lots of chili and it was definitely in a modern context.   To kick of the menu was a very refreshing ... Continue Reading

Creativity at Relæ

An evening at Relæ is always an evening filled with contrasts. To me certain expectations come with the territory when you dining at a Michelin star restaurant that is among the 50 best restaurants in the world. Relæ disregards these compleltey. The utensils are placed in a drawer at your table, you pour your own water, there is two seating’s, the restaurant is small and rustic, and the prices can compete with medium priced ”chain restaurants” like Madklubben and Cofoco, but the food is ... Continue Reading