Elegance at Studio

  After eating at 6 of the 50 worlds best restaurants on my vacation in July august had been a month with no restaurants which was about to change in September as I was showing a friend the restaurants in Copenhagen. So a week dining at ... Continue Reading

Balls, crispy dicks, uterus and lungs. Amazing meal at Bror

Innovation and courage comes in many forms. At Bror you get a very unique interpretation of this. Using very expensive produce it is my theory that any semi decent chef can serve a nice meal with that. At Bror they have a different philosophy. Cook ... Continue Reading

Street food reinvented at Pujol (Mexico City)

With a lunch at Pujol I finished my own version of Dining Impossible with 6 of the worlds 50 best restaurants.   Between all the fine dining restaurants I had spent the rest of my time in Mexico eating street food and in general trying ... Continue Reading

Classic Peru in a modern setting at Astrid and Gaston (Lima, Peru)

Little did I know about the Peruvian cusine before coming to Peru except that it was the birthplace of patatoes, they grow cacao and they love ceviche. At Astrid and Gaston they were going to teach me a lot more and showing me the different part ... Continue Reading

Magic fusion cooking at Maido (Lima, Peru)

Some meals have the potential to stay with you for a long while and change the way you think about food. I am lucky to have had a few of these iconic experiences. I had travelled to Lima in Peru primarily to eat at Central and I thought Central ... Continue Reading

A display of technical perfection at Central (Lima, Peru)

This was without of doubt one of the dinners I had looked forward to most in my “foodie” time, well Central was the primary reason for coming to Peru. I have always appreciated restaurants that bring something special that you can only experie... Continue Reading

Classic mexican flavors in a modern setting at Quintonil

Modern technique used to interpret the local cuisine in a modern context is always appealing. Paired that with a rating of 12 on the Worlds 50 Best restaurants lets just say that I was more then curious before my first Mexican fine dining experien... Continue Reading

Cape town going Nordic at the Test Kitchen?

Travelling 13.000km from Copenhagen to the very tip of the African continent I expetected to find a palet full of exotic ingredients from the dry savannah and the cold artic waters full of sharks (which was why I was in South Africa to begin with). ... Continue Reading

Upping the Ante at Ante

Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman has long ago stepped out of the shadow of Noma and made a name for the selves with Bror. With Ante they are shooting for the Michelin starts but doing it in their very own way. An evening at Ante is diffidently not ... Continue Reading

Maaemo: Norwegian food reinvented

In Denmark it took Rene Redzepi half Dane half Albanian to reinvent Danish cuisine. For Norway it took the Dane Esben Holmboe Bang and he has done just that. He has done it a very ”simple way”. Cooking what is in season in way that reflects the ... Continue Reading