3 posts from month 10/2019

French dekadence at Robuchon au Dome

Ruinart, Grand Dame, Cristal or Dom Perignon that was my first decision at 3 Michelin star restaurant Robuchon au Dome in Macao. We arrived at the Grand Lisboa hotel in Macao and went strait to the 42 floor which houses the restaurant. On the way into the restaurant you are taken past one of the more than 15 winecellars housing more than 500.000 bottles. Entering the restaurant you see a grand piano and the emblematic cristal chandelier.  Sitting down at the table overlooking the city of ... Continue Reading

Tate an ode to Chinese/French fusion

Soft pink colors, caviar and a decadent dessert trolley are all important parts if the dining experience at Tate Dining Room & Bar.  Chef Vicky Lau has long been recognized as one of the best female chefs in Asia and at Tate Dining Room she brings her own vision of a modern Hong Kong restaurant to life. Our dinner at Tate started off with 2 amouche biuches served on a beautiful mirror platter. Crispy tart with drunken sweet shrimp and a rice cracker with mango Salsa topped ... Continue Reading

Haku – the rising star in the Asian food World

Caviar, Wagyu beef and expensive Japanese ingredients are surprisingly common in top Hong Kong restaurants but at Haku the flavors truely lived up its expensive prices and renowed name. Haku opened just two years ago but has already made quiet the name for it self in the foodie community. Chef Agustin has been trained in Japan which provides a natural respect for product and a deep understanding of the amazing quality products Japan has to offer. Combining this with more classical techniq... Continue Reading