4 posts from month 06/2017

New versions of ”New Nordic” at Restaurant Mes

The amount of medium prices restaurants in Copenhagen is massive and new ones open each month. This good thing about competition is that it keeps everybody on their toes, but hard for a dedicated foodie to keep up. Therefore, 5 months after opening of Restaurant Mes it was time for me to visit it. The decor is light and simple with a moss wall to highligt the New Nordic connection. Being a medium priced restaurant  the tables were sitted quite close, but if the food is good it is worth ... Continue Reading

Delicate food at Bror – amazing as always

Bror is one of my all time favorite restaurants and for good reason. Their profile is unique with their extreme focus on nose to tail and off course they serve decilious and very high quality to cost ratio.   Classic starters in the xxx section. Bulls Balls, crispy dicks and the highlight was uterus with curry and crispy ryebread. So delicious, fatty, spicey and great textures. Salmon tartarer and a crispy codskin and roe. Pure and delicious. Peas with a lemon ... Continue Reading

Finedining in Bergen. Lysverket surprises you

Finedining in Bergen who knew that was a thing. I was in town 3 days for business and asked a colleague for recommendations and Lysverket was on top of the list. I am glad it was. The decor was New Nordic with simple rustik dark wooden furniture in a big open space with a view to the kitchen. So cosy, casual and fancy all rapped in one.   To start with was 4 different snacks with a Scandinavia kebab and a fish soup with a very acidic vinigerette for balance as the highlight. A ... Continue Reading

Classic mexicanfood in New York at Cosme

Ok I have a thing for mexican food. I love the heat fromt hot chilies, the simplicity of a good taco, the complexity of a mole and the great variety of fresh fruits that is available for desserts and breakfast. Because of this Cosme had ben high on my list of restaurants to eat at since dining at Pujol a year ago. Afterall how would the classic dishes from Mexico work in a New York setting or would they do something brand new? Due to a series of small mishaps only brunch was possoble this ... Continue Reading