2 posts from month 09/2016

Elegance at Studio

  After eating at 6 of the 50 worlds best restaurants on my vacation in July august had been a month with no restaurants which was about to change in September as I was showing a friend the restaurants in Copenhagen. So a week dining at Studio, 108 and Relæ was planned and what a week.   This was my first time dining at Studio so I was full of expectations as Torsten Vingaards resume is exceptional and all critics seems to leave the restaurant with a smile on their face and ... Continue Reading

Balls, crispy dicks, uterus and lungs. Amazing meal at Bror

Innovation and courage comes in many forms. At Bror you get a very unique interpretation of this. Using very expensive produce it is my theory that any semi decent chef can serve a nice meal with that. At Bror they have a different philosophy. Cook with cheap ingredients that nobody else would touch because this way they can serve extremely delicious food at a very low price because they have the skills to do it In the serious of snacks we started with a Bror signature dish. Deep fried ... Continue Reading