2 posts from month 10/2015

Musling came out of its shell

It seems that the trend in Copenhagen the last two years has been that great restaurants opens more restaurants. This has been the case for both Michelin star restaurants, which opens restaurants in the bistro segment and existing bistros that simply expand. I was therefore curious to see which direction Musling would take in order not to be in direct competition with Fiskebaren. At first glance the interior is sleek, modern and minimalistic similar to Fiskebaren. When looking at the menu ... Continue Reading

Chilling at Amass

I have always been a fan of Amass. From creating a relaxed atmosphere where you off course drink your Champaign in the garden in the summertime to the cool interior of the old factory building with graffiti on the walls, to seats for walk ins and off course the great tasting food. A couple of weeks back I went for “The amazing Pig-out” which was by far the best picnic I have been to, but now it was time to return to the restaurant and off course the 9 course tasting menu.   ... Continue Reading