3 posts from month 06/2015

Hija de Sánchez: authentic tacos in Copenhagen

With the opening of Hija de Sánchez you can finally get an authentic taco that is just that, a tasty regular taco and not a gourmet molecular taco as could have been the case when looking at the main chef Rosio Sanchez,   As is usually the case when top people from Noma opens a restaurant it is world news and expectations are high. On this regular Saturday in a bit of rain there was a constant line of 5-10 people waiting for ordering a plate of tacos and just about everyone knew to ... Continue Reading

Creativity at Relæ

An evening at Relæ is always an evening filled with contrasts. To me certain expectations come with the territory when you dining at a Michelin star restaurant that is among the 50 best restaurants in the world. Relæ disregards these compleltey. The utensils are placed in a drawer at your table, you pour your own water, there is two seating’s, the restaurant is small and rustic, and the prices can compete with medium priced ”chain restaurants” like Madklubben and Cofoco, but the food is ... Continue Reading

A memorable evening at Noma

Many words can be used to describe an evening at Noma. My favorites are an experience as it is never just a meal but a complete experience from the moment you enter, where the entire staff, to the end tour of their many kitchens, greets you. My other favorite expression is out of this world. In my experience there is no other restaurant that can be compared with Noma. What makes Noma truly unique is their service. Service in Scandinavian restaurants are generally much more relaxed and ... Continue Reading